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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laptop Vs Notebook - Renting Exactly What You Need

When leasing a computer, one should compare laptops and notebooks in order to ensure that you receive the computer you really need.

When you pick up a notebook computer, the first thing you will notice is how light it is. Notebooks are made thinner and smaller for extra portability. They are made to be light because they are not full of the extras that laptops are. Notebooks generally do not have a DVD/CD drive, CD Burner, or graphics cards. A computer such as this one is not made for heavy gaming or graphics. The modem on a notebook is built in, and they keyboard is very small. You will not find a notebook computer that has a screen beyond 14 inches, and the norm is for a display between 12 and 14 inches. Because it is such a low-key model, the battery life and size of the battery in a notebook is smaller than that of a laptop.

A notebook computer may be for you if you are in the market for an all business solution, something small, light, and easy to transport. You still need email and Internet, but you will only be using the computer for that minimally. Be prepared to pay for the portability of this computer, as high-end notebooks tend to more expensive to rent than laptops.

A laptop computer is like having your desktop functionality encased in a smaller, portable frame. Laptop computers often have displays as large as 17 inches, and are fully loaded with onboard graphics cards and DVD/CD writers. Some laptops have excellent sounds systems, such as MacBooks, and are feature a full sized keyboard not unlike a desktop computer. Laptop computers are usually upgradeable, and are a great choice for online gaming and traveling. Often, when deciding on a computer, home users will pick a laptop over a desktop for the simple fact that it's a full-fledged computer that is portable. Businesses would choose laptops if their line of work involved graphics, web design, or anything that involves high cost software and clear graphical displays.

As you can see, the difference between notebooks and laptops is as clear as night and day. When deciding which one to rent, take into account your needs, wants, and desires for a computer. Portability versus greater usability makes a convincing argument when choosing your next computer rental.

By Jonathan P Powers

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