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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Will China Claim the Moon's First Military Base?

Many countries are going to be involved in the future space race and they are all going to put people on the moon. It would be nice if space was a military neutral free zone, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. There will be orbiting military bases, and there will probably be military bases on the moon. The question is who will have the first military base on the moon?

Will it be the United States of America or will our citizenry decry such a move; and if it is not the United States, will it be China; and if China does put a military base on the moon, who on Earth would stop them? We know no one on the moon will.

These are all good questions and perhaps they do need to be answered, because we are moving closer to that future every year. There will be a lunar colony by 2020 and several by 2035 of several different nations, many of them will have joint projects, working on an international scientific basis.

Some of these outposts may be launching locations for further space exploration, while others might be for pure research. Still others and we should expect this, will be for military purposes. The future is coming fast isn't it?

Although we recently had a global economic slowdown of -8% of the world's GDP; it only slightly put on hold all the plans from all the different nations for their space programs. Further, not only are nations planning space programs, but also free private enterprise is as well.

Space tourism will be a big thing, and someday there will be hotels on the moon for you to visit. Would you like a continental breakfast with that? Please be thinking here.

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By Lance Winslow

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