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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let Your Computer Fly - Improve Computer Performance in Just 5 Minutes

Is your Windows startup slow? Do you ever worry over the junk files and/or short of disk space? Do you suffer from the blue screen or system crashing from time to time? If yes, I think it is time for you to know more about how to improve computer performance by yourself.

And now in this article, we will discuss:
1) How to free up more hard disk space.
2) How to improve protection of your personal PC from outside break-ins.
3) How to improve computer performance by just some clicks by yourself.

First, before starting the Tweaking steps, you need to gather the following information on your computer. And after done, gathering the all same parameter again so that you can compare the improving by tweaking your computer.

1. Size of Free Disk Space
2. CPU Utilization %
3. Amount of Startup Item
4. Disk Fragment %
5. Amount of Processes
6. Amount of Services
7. Current Memory Usage
8. The parameter you care about
9. Start-up speed

Windows XP holds records of everything you did on the PC, such as the websites you visited, the photos you viewed, the movies you watched and so on. In the same way, lots of software keeps a list of the most recent operations that you have done with it. The following two steps guide you to cleaning up wasted disk space and remove past operation records.

1. Clear Windows History Files
1.1 Cleanup Prefetch folder
1.2 Empty folders in Windows Temp folder
1.3 Remove Outlook Express 'Deleted Emails'
1.4 clear folder streams in Windows registry
1.5 Delete Print Spool folder
1.6 Erase recently opened document history records
1.7 Clean up run history
1.8 Empty past Icon History of system tray

By Keron Liu

OK, you have improved your computer performance. After re-boot, you will see the magic that you did.

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